Conrad Herwig, Tom Malone and Antti Rissanen, New York, 2007

Jam session, Nils Landgren, Conrad Herwig, Bart Van Lier, Antti Rissanen, ITF 2003, Helsinki

Carl Fontana and Antti, Colorado, 1998 Randy Brecker and Antti, Salzburg, 2002 NDR big band trombone section 2006

Nordic Project, Ted Trimble, Antti Rissanen and Gene Calderazzo, 2004

Patty Austin+trio and Antti Rissanen, April Jazz, Espoo big band, 2010

Antti Rissanen, Conrad Herwig, Petri Juutilainen and Umo Jazz Orchestra, ITF 2003, Helsinki

Bill Watrous and Antti, New York, 2007

RIAS Big Band Berlin, 1997

Antti Rissanen and the Guards Wind Orchestra, cond. Raine Ampuja, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki 2001

"Heavy Classics", Metropolia Orchestra cond. Antti Rissanen, 2014

Antti Rissanen, the Santa Claus and the Great Helsinki Swing Big Band, 2010

The Sami Pitkämö Orchestra, feat. Johanna Försti, "Dancing with the Stars", 2008

Mr Fonebone CD 2 "Live" feat. Ingrid Jensen (trp), 1999

Mr Fonebone CD 1 "mr fonebone", 1997

The Great Helsinki Swing Big Band, 2011

George Garanian Moscow big band cond. Antti Martin Rissanen, 2012

Vocal Group Andrew's Girls and Antti Rissanen, 2010.

Niki Haris and Antti Martin Rissanen, Moscow 2010

Antti Rissanen and Ed Neumeister, 2011

ITF 2003 Jazz artists: (from left to right) Conrad Herwig, Steen Hansen, Jiggs Whigham, Bertil Strandberg, Nils Landgren, Antti Rissanen, Sam Burtis, Bart Van Lier and Tony Baker, Helsinki.

Imatra big band -kesäkurssi 2014, kiitos kaikille osallistuneille!!

Antti Martin Rissanen, Cynthia Scott and Jamie Davis, Sochi, Russia 2013.

The New York Voices and Antti Rissanen, 2012.

Niki Harris and Antti Rissanen, 2013

Photos along the years.